The relationship with your insurance broker is a key factor in the effectiveness of your insurance program. Understanding your objectives enables the selection of the right broker for your business.

ABM has real expertise in broker tenders gained from our involvement on all sides of the broker engagement, as brokers, and as buyers of broker services. We have managed broker tenders for some of Australia’s biggest companies and achieved exceptional results in the process.

We understand your needs and what drives your broker requirements. We know how to optimise the delivery of the broker engagement.

ABM Risk Partnership’s Insurance Broker Tender Services provides you with:

  • Assessment of your current broking arrangements, including broker performance in meeting existing KPIs
  • Development of your risk financing objectives and relevant measurable metrics to be achieved by brokers
  • Ensuring your insurance program aligns to your risk management strategy
  • Consideration of the available tender strategies and production of the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Evaluation of Proposals and recommendations for broker appointments
  • Supporting your decision through appointment and engagement

ABM Risk Partnership has the knowledge of broker capabilities that will deliver optimal value from your insurance broker tender

ABM Risk Partnership – our experience is your advantage