1. We offer a no obligation, 2 hour free consultation to understand your organisational environment, opportunities and challenges
  2. We provide a synopsis of your situation along with some initial recommendations for improvement. If needed, we can assist with C-suite discussions to gain support for a project to transform outcomes
  3. If you wish to proceed, our synopsis will form the basis of a formal proposal detailing phasing, actions, investment and benefits
  4. On acceptance of the proposal, we liaise with you to design the detailed execution plan that is bespoke to your organisation

The commitments we make in working with you are:

  • you get our experience and skill at the coalface – we do not outsource to lesser qualified consultants
  • the program will be tailored to your organisation – we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ solutions
  • we assist in the buy-in and engagement process and we stay the course
  • we guarantee our work

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