• Risk management governance – risk committees, structures, responsibilities, performance measurement & reporting, risk appetite development
  • Risk management frameworks – risk processes, plans, resourcing, maturity assessments, skills sourcing, systems selections & implementation
  • Risk assessments – projects, strategic, external, operational risks, M&A activities
  • Risk management systems – selection, implementation, optimisation & benefits realisation
  • Risk management training  – introductory, intermediate and advanced
  • Business resilience and issues management – emergency response, crises management, business continuity plans, IT recovery
  • Risk financing (insurance) optimisation – alignment of risk & insurance, alternative approaches, optimising broking arrangements
  • Assurance frameworks – risk based audit plans, assurance mapping, function capability reviews, controls assessment
  • Risk and assurance resourcing – short term support – leadership / management roles

Diagnose, Develop, Implement, Optimise

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